Terms and conditions

Creddo AB with organization number 559207-3786 (“Creddo”) and is registered with Finansinspektionen to conduct loan brokerage. Creddo provides a comparison service where the company can compare loans and terms with the banks and lenders with which Creddo cooperates (the “Service”). Through an application you can get offers for loans from several banks and other lenders. You can then compare loan terms from several players and choose the option that best suits the company. The service can be used to collect existing loans or to take a new loan if that is what is wanted. The advantage of using Creddo’s service instead of comparing directly with the banks is that only one credit report is taken at UC instead of several.

An application is not binding, it is free to create a bidding. Only when, at a later stage, the company has signed an agreement with the chosen lender, do you bind yourself to that agreement with the lender. Creddo accepts no liability for any loss or damage that would occur as a result of the company choosing to enter into, or refrain from entering into, loan agreements with any of the lenders Creddo cooperates with. It is therefore your responsibility to check the information Creddo provides about offers from our partners. By submitting information to Creddo, you ensure that the information provided is accurate and that you have approval for the information you provide. By filling in the application form, you agree to our privacy policy.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that Creddo will order a credit report from UC at your company and one at the guarantor if stated. Creddo’s service records only one credit information that our partners can access. For individual companies and trading companies, UC will send you inquiry copies so you know what information has been provided and to whom. If the guarantor is specified, UC will also send request copies to him, to know what information has been provided and to whom.

Note that you can have multiple request copies sent home, but that does not mean that more credit information is registered on you. Some of our partners use credit information from others than UC, but this does not affect the company’s credit rating.

In the event of a dispute as to the terms of this Agreement the Swedish version shall prevail.

Last updated 20200810