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  • We help you apply to over 20 lenders
  • Only 1 credit check via UC
  • Free & non-binding - Response within 24h
  • Get the money disbursed quickly
  • Only 1 UC
  • Response within 24h
  • 20+ lenders
  • Quick disbursement
Creddo is registered with Finansinspektionen

How Creddo works

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Apply quick, easy, and free of charge via our digital service.

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Compare offers

Lenders submit quotes to you within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Choose the loan that best suits your business.

A selection of our partners

A loan broker for small businesses owners

We at Creddo are specialists in business loans and we want it to be easy and quick for small business owners to find the right financing. Applying through us costs nothing extra for you as an entrepreneur and the advantage is that your loan application is sent to over 20 lenders, so that you can have the opportunity to choose between several loan offers. Having multiple loan offers can give you a better chance of getting the best interest rate on your loan.

Making a loan application through us means that only one credit report is made via UC, in connection with your application. A credit report is registered at the same time as several inquiries are made with the lenders we work with. Some of our partners work with other credit reporting companies, such as Creditsafe or Bisnode, but this does not affect the creditworthiness of your company.

Creddo mediates corporate loans to limited companies and other common forms of company, such as loans to sole proprietorships. We have extensive experience in arranging loans to companies in a variety of industries and we are registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We work to ensure that you always receive a response to your application within 24 hours and the money is paid out quickly.

Does your company need to borrow more than SEK 10 million?

Creddo has previously supplied business loans of more than SEK 100 million – if you represent a larger company with high turnover, you can contact our loan specialists directly via [email protected] or by calling 08-400 200 01.

Creddo business financing

FAQ about business financing via Creddo

What type of companies can apply through Creddo?

All Swedish-registered and active companies can apply for financing via Creddo. We arrange loans for many different types of businesses, so your company can apply through us regardless of industry.

Is an application binding?

No, an application via Creddo is not binding and it is always free of charge. Only when an agreement has been entered into between your company and a lender does it become binding. Therefore, you can apply for funding through Creddo to compare your options, without first committing to anything.

Does Creddo only carry out one credit check?

Yes, we only do one credit check on the business applying and one credit check on a possible guarantor. Creddo collaborates with the credit information company UC, where we are connected to their broker solution. For individual companies and trading companies, as well as for guarantors, a copy will be sent to your home. No matter how many copies you get sent home, only the first one counts for the credit check (which is the one Creddo takes).

Is any security required to get a loan?

Most of the lenders we work with require security in the form of a personal guarantee. If you include a guarantor directly in the application, it significantly increases your chances of getting more and better loan offers, which gives more options to choose from.

How can Creddo's service be free for me as a business owner?

We get paid by our partners for a disbursed loan. This entails no extra cost for you as a business owner. Our partners equate our service with other marketing channels such as TV commercials or newspaper ads, which is why we receive compensation from them.

Who are Creddo's partners?

We work with a number of well-known lenders. Here is a selection of our partners: Aros Kapital, Avida Finans, Approva, Billecta Finans, Capcito, Capital Box, Collector Bank, Froda, Fedelta, IMH Credit Solutions, OPR-Finance, Qred, Qapitala, DBT, Mynt and Corpia.

Why do I need to use BankID on

Creddo uses BankID to identify you who is making an application, as well as when logging in to the site. We only use BankID for identification and login but not for signing. BankID prevents any unauthorized person from using your information.