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Creddo is registered with Finansinspektionen

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A selection of our partners


Do the banks/loan givers demand any security?

The morepart of our partners demand safety in personal bail. To include guarantor directly in your application therefore increases the opportunity to get as many loan offers as possible to choose from.

Why should I use BankID?

Creddo uses BankID to identify the person applying and logging in. We only use BankID for identification/login and not for signature. We ask you to login with BankID for your and our partners safety. BankID prevents any unauthorized usage of your information.

Can the loan be paid back earlier then stated payback time?

Yes that is always possible. Some banks/lenders take a fee, but in those cases this is clearly stated in the loan offers presented.

What is required for a company loan?

The lenders and banks we cooperate with do a full evaluation of you as a potential customer. Basically the evaluation is made to determine the risk of lending money to the company, in other words the company’s future possibility to pay the loan back. You improve your chance of getting a loan if you state a guarantor or for example compliment your application with a balance sheet and income statement.

Why is Creddo free of charge?

We help loan givers and banks to get in contact with customers. Our partners equal our service with other marketing efforts such as TV Commercial or paper ads. An application is not binding and we only get our fee in case of a paid out loan.

Do Creddo only do 1 credit score check?

Yes, we only do one (1) credit score check on the company and one (1) credit score check of possible guaranter. Creddo cooperate with the credit score company UC where we are registered to their solution for loan brokers. This means that only one (1) credit score check is registered simultaneously as we send out the request to all our partners. Some of our partners work with other credit score companies such as Creditsafe or Bisnode, this does not affect your credit score though. For sole traders or joint stock companies (Handelsbolag) and for guarantors a copy of the request is sent to you.

Which are Creddo’s main partners?

We cooperate with most of Sweden’s leading companies in corporate loans. Here is a selection of our partners: Aros Kapital, Avida Finans, Approva, Billecta Finans, Capcito, Capital Box Froda, Fedelta, IMH Credit Solutions, OPR-Finance, Qred, Qapitala, DBT, Mynt and Corpia.

When does the loan get paid out?

In many cases our partners pay out the loan the same day it is granted. The time frame to get the money can differ depending on which lender you choose and which bank you have, as well as whether you choose to sign the loan contract physically or online.

How do I know what loan givers give the best offer?

There are various parameters to analyze to make a fair comparison. To evaluate, you can compare the amount granted, the repayment period, the monthly cost / interest and the total amount to repay. You will also be able to see and compare what kind of loan you are being offered, eg. annuity loans or loans with straight amortization and whether there is any cost to pay off the loan early.

Who can apply for a loan?

Creddo compares loans from banks and lenders that offer company loans. Limited Companies, Sole Traders (enskilda firmor) and Joint Stock Companies (Handelsbolag) can apply for a corporate loan.

Is the application binding?

No, an application at Creddo is not binding and always free of charge. It’s not untill a later stage, if you sign a specific deal with a partner you selected, that you are bound to that deal.

What interest and monthly fee will my company pay?

The interest rate of the corporate loan offered, represents the risk the loan giver is prepared to take. An evaluation is made by each partner where they look at the company’s history, current conditions and future possibilities to repay the loan.

How much you have to pay each month also depends on the repayment period you are offered and choose. Repayment over a longer period of time imply a lower monthly fee but often result in a higher total cost for the loan.

By comparing different partners, you get a good picture of your company’s possibilities. You can also contact us if you want helt to make the best choice for your company.

Can my start-up company get a loan?

Yes, newly started companies can also get offers for corporate loans.

It is recommendable that you prepare and attach your business plan, annual budget and / or an payment plan for the loan if you are applying as a newly started company.

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